Field Visits for Monitoring the Implementation of the Law on Labour and Law on Occupational Safety and Health at Work started in June

In June, the monitoring teams of the Support to Social Partners project started their field visits to private sector companies throughout Kosovo with the aim to monitor the implementation of the Labour Law and the Law on Occupational Safety and Health at Work. In addition to the two laws, the teams will monitor the implementation of additional legal provisions that are related to the subject matter, such as provisions on anti-discrimination. The field visit will also serve to inform the employers and employees about social dialogue, respective legislation in Kosovo, as well as minimum required standards. During every visit, one representative of the company will be interviewed and an accompanying questionnaire will be filled in order to collect data on various aspects of the employment process.
A total of 500 companies have been selected for visits during a 15-month period. Periodic reports as well as the final report will be made available to the public.