Yesterday, Kosovar Stability Initiative and Social and Economic Council exclusively made public its reports in Info Magazine, Klan Kosova, on citizens perceptions regarding;

1.      Labour and Employment,

2.      Standard of Life,

3.      and Citizens Perceptions and Attitudes.

These reports represent direct support to the work of Social and Economic Council, which legally is in charge of facilitating tripartite social dialogue for strengthening the positions of employers and employees in Kosovo.

The findings from this research should be used by members of Socio-Economic Council and the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare as citizens feedback on priority policies and reliable information to be used for decision making.

Whereas in the debate discussed of the findings of the research took place Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare Mr. Arban Abrashi and the director of the organization 'Fol', Mr. Petrit Zogaj. Link for the full video of the transmission in Info Magazine can be found here.

During the next few weeks, all the findings from Kosovar Stability Initiative will be published in Klan Kosova and will be debated by different stakeholders.

Also, Kosovar Stability Initiative has published its three report in English versions and can be found here.