KEC is having troubles with workers’ insurances

The Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEC) and Insurance Company ‘Siguria’ have terminated their contractual relationship. It was the latter who terminated the contract unilaterally. KEC and Siguria are going to court to resolve this dispute.

Unfortunately, workers are the ones who left waiting without any information whatsoever about the fact that they are currently uninsured.

Besim S., worker of KEC, tells that he incurred about 100 euros in expenses for treatment in private clinics referred to by the insurance company, which are now not being refunded.

Another worker of KEC tells that about a year ago he was diagnosed with cancer in the abdominal area. After a complicated operation, he was advised to go to Turkey for further treatment. Although in Tukey he took all the necessary documentation from the hospital, the insurance company is not proceeding his request for a refund, because the contract with these workers is now considered void. The worker says that if it’s necessary he will address the case to the court.

KEC is one of the first corporations that started to purchase workers’ health insurances. Due to the great competition in the open tender, the companies submitted offers at very low prices. The price that the company had offered in 2013 was 13.92 Euro per worker. The contract was signed only for one year.

That contract ended after the completion of its validity period; even in that year workers had complained about delays in refunds. “The agreement was good […] it allowed us to go to some private clinics and pharmacies paying, for example, only 20 percent of all costs,” says Besim. “But, when we were obligated to send documents from other practices than it took more time for compensation.

In 2014 KEC announced a new tender for the insurance of its workers. Criteria for the selection of the health insurance company were listed in the tender announcement. It was requested that the company should be licensed and therefore should have founding capital deposited in cash at CBK, for an amount equal to or larger than three million Euro. It was also requested from the company to provide a proof of contract with a re-insurer. 

Again the Insurance Company ‘Siguria’ won the tender. This time the price it offered was even lower than the previous one. The contract was signed for two years. It was terminated unilaterally by the company half way through its validity period.

Following the unilateral termination of the contract, KEC opened a new tender. In the announcement, companies were requested to provide much more detailed information, in order to avoid the reoccurrence of inconveniences such as the one with ‘Siguria’. 

In the announcement of the contract KEC gave details on the number of its workers and their age. Many of the workers belong to older age groups. Most of them are over 60 years of age. Additionally, in the last three years there have been many cases of injuries at work, mainly due to the dangers related to the type of industrial work that is carried out by the corporation.

In 2012, according to KEC data, 133 workers were injured as a result of accidents at work. In that year there were no fatalities or cases of full permanent disability. In 2013 there were 72 cases of injured workers as a result of accidents at work, but there no fatalities or cases of full permanent disability. In 2014 there were 48 cases of injured workers as a result of accidents at work. There were 2 fatalities. There are no cases of full permanent disability (fragment from the announcement for this tender).

Merita Berisha
Pristina, July 2015