Support to Social Partners is an EU funded project managed by the EU Office to Kosovo which is implemented by Kosovo Stability Initiative in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung PristinaKosovo Chamber of Commerce, the Independent Trade Union of Metalworkers of Kosova, the Independent Syndicate of Energy of Kosova, Fundació Privada Pau i SolidaritatKosovo Center for Gender Studies.

The project is also implemented in association with Kosovo Business Alliance and UNIA.

This project was initiated because of the need for improvement of the quality and intensity of social dialogue in Kosovo, intended as the consultation between employees’ organization, employers’ organization, and the Government (the three social partners), on issues related to labour, employment, and social welfare.

It aims at addressing several factors that affect the quality of social dialogue in Kosovo, through process facilitation and increased participation in the development policies of Kosovo.

The general objective of this project is to improve the functioning of social dialogue, through the improvement of preconditions for a meaningful discussion between social partners.

To achieve this objective, the project anticipates a range of sub-objectives, such as development of skills and knowledge of social partners in monitoring the implementation of legislation and development of industrial policies; strengthening administrative and managerial capacities of social partners; support to organizational reforms of social partners; technical support for the well-functioning of the Social-Economic Council (SEC).

This range of objectives will be accomplished through several activities that include providing expertise, trainings, counseling, study visits in other countries that went through similar reforms, field visits for monitoring the implementation of Law on Labour and the Law on Occupational Safety and Health in the Working Environment, as well as continuous technical support.

The expected results from this project are the effective increase of capacities of employees’ and employers’ organizations and SEC; improvement of results of the social dialogue; facilitation of syndical reforms through exchange of experiences with other countries; improvement of effective law implementation; informing private sector and employees about enforced laws.

The purpose of the project is to create equilibrium between social partners and strengthen the social dialogue in general.

Project Duration: 28 Months